Bluefin tuna make a comeback off Califor...

Bluefin tuna make a comeback off California coast

For decades, fishermen thought large Pacific bluefin tuna had disappeared from California waters for good. But the implementation of global conservation efforts are helping return the fish to California waters.

Polish manufacturer creates buzz with bee-saving paper

A Polish artisan is combining her love of wild flowers and nature, handmaking paper infused with flower seeds and glucose, giving it a second function, nurturing bees. Stuart McDill reports.

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Plant burgers could help lead the way to climate salvation

Two Californian companies, recognised as innovators by the United Nations, want us to replace meat with their plant-based protein food products. Amy Pollock reports.

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Could plants be the final straw for plastic?

A plastic-free drinking straw made entirely from natural materials could help fight environmental and ocean pollution according to its Taiwanese developers. Stuart McDill reports.

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UK Dyson winners hope portable turbine blows away competition

UK winners of the James Dyson Award for inventors say their pint-sized prototype O-Wind turbine could be the answer for apartment-dwellers seeking to take advantage of green energy. Jim Drury reports.

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Edible water bottle cuts marathon waste

Biodegradable and edible 'Oohos', which resemble large liquid-filled bubbles, are distributed at a marathon in London as a plastic-free alternative to water bottles. Matthew Stock reports.

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Scientists split water into hydrogen and oxygen with just sunlight

Scientists in Cambridge achieve the long-standing goal of reproducing photosynthesis in a laboratory, splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen using only the power of sunlight. Stuart McDill reports.

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The food waste eatery that wants to put itself out of business

Food that would otherwise go to waste is being served up to happy diners in the southern Swedish city of Malmo, as Amy Pollock reports.

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The food science behind creating a meatless jerky

Kelp, touted as sustainable and eco-friendly, could be the next food trend. It's also being used to make a jerky. Angela Moore reports.

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Ocean clean-up ship fuelled by plastic pollution

Plans have been revealed for a self-powering ship that will remove plastic pollution from the sea, processing it into fuel as it goes. Stuart McDill reports.

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